Kerr Scientific Instruments Brain Slice & Tissue Recording Systems

Kerr In Vitro Tissue Recording System
Key Features

The key features of the KSI in vitro Brain Slice & Tissue Recording System are:

  • Affordable all-in-one system (includes perfusion chamber, micro-manipulators and amplifiers and recording and stimulating electrodes)
  • Versatile (allows in vitro electrophysiological recording from different tissues types, including brain, heart, muscle and retina)
  • Supports multiple tissue slices at once
  • Supports both interface and submerged slice methods
  • Additional micro-manipulators can be added for multi-site stimulation and recording.
  • Novel, award-winning* design with high aesthetic appeal
  • Very small footprint; compact, integrated design
  • Robust construction
  • Portable
  • Readily interfaces with numerous 16 and 32-bit AD boards
  • Rapid assembly and ease of use
  • Easy to clean and maintain

* Silver Medal Award winner 2009 NZ Best Design Award

Learn more about the Kerr Brain Slice & Tissue Recording System recording outputs.

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Kerr Tissue Recording System

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